India Trip Day 13 / Lunch In Delhi At “Smoke House Deli”

インド旅行13日目、ランチは「Smoke House Deli」に行きました。デリーは交通渋滞が酷く短距離でも移動に時間がかかってしまいますしわたしたちは土地勘がないので、エージェントの方に観光をしている場所から近いところでオススメをお聞きして行ったカフェでした。 Smoke House Deli はチェーン店でムンバイなどにもあるようですが、デリーには5軒あるようです。

India Trip Day 13.  For lunch, we went to “Smoke House Deli”.  The traffic is crazy in Delhi and it took a long time to travel a short distance by car.  We didn’t have a good idea of the area so we asked the agent to suggest a place near where we were around lunch time and he suggested this place for us.  It’s a chain cafe, it looks like they have quite a few around India including Mumbai and have 5 outlets in Delhi.















We both ordered sandwiches but they gave us bread as well while we were waiting.




I cannot remember what filling but we ordered different sandwiches and shared – they were both very good.





The decor was like some French style cafe in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore, very nice and very clean.  You forget this is in India quite easily.  The sandwiches were great, too.


In 14 days, there were only a few dishes that were too salty, basically the food in India was really good.  In Hong Kong, Singapore and England, I’ve had many that didn’t have any seasoning (or almost none) or so salty that I couldn’t eat even in expensive restaurants, but in India that very seldom happened, most of the were well seasoned but not extreme (although they were more salty than what I would personally like they were consistent), well balanced.  It’s a little surprising to me considering they often have spicy foods, but I think they in general have very good taste sense for cooking.




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