Nassim Hill Bakery

今日はお友達とランチをご一緒しました。お友達のリクエストで、タングリンモールから道を挟んだ向かい側のビルの裏側にある「Nassim Hill Bakery」に行きました。ここには夫と土曜日のランチによく行くので、店員さんに「今日はご主人は?」と聞かれました。今日は平日なので、夫は仕事してます(笑)。

I had lunch with a friend.  We went to “Nassim Hill Bakery” on her request, it’s in the back of the building across from Tanglin Mall.  I go there often with my husband on Saturdays, so a staff asked me if my husband was with me.  Of course he is working as it’s a week day!

お友達は、「Nutty Bird」というサラダ。わたしも1度いただいたことがありますし、夫もたまにオーダーしているサラダで、チキンの胸肉とビーツやコーンやバターナッツスクウォッシュなどたくさんのお野菜が入った食べ応えあるサラダで、ドレッシングがちょっと濃すぎる感じがありますが(にんにくたっぷり)美味しいと思います。

My friend had their “Nutty Bird” salad.  I’ve had it once and my husband also orders it sometimes.  It’s quite a substantial salad with chicken breast and lots of vegetables like beets, corn, butternut squash.  I find the dressing a little too thick and too garlicky, but overall it’s quite a nice salad.





90% of the time I order this Turkey Club sandwich.  I guess about a half year or so ago, they must have changed the recipe for the baguette, it’s not as nice as before.  You have a choice of the bread from a few different ones so I’ve been wondering if I should try different bread but I’m worried about being worse than this so so far I’ve been sticking to the baguette.





After this, we had tea and took our time.  As this cafe doesn’t have a closing time in the middle of the day, it’s nice that we can take time.  Usually it’s not busy during the week and you can get in without a reservation, which is nice.




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