Soup & Salad (Pumpkin Soup and Beet, Apple, Goat Cheese Salad)


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.


Soup was Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) soup.  I thought there was more of the pumpkin left in the fridge but I’d used quite a lot for vegetable curry and cream stew last week so I couldn’t make a lot.  I usually don’t add any milk but I added a little so I can make a little extra quantity without reducing the flavour.  It has to be Japanese Kabocha or it’s not sweet.  I’ve bought Malaysian Kabocha once by mistake (because “Kabocha” is a Japanese word and I assumed it was from Japan) but it was watery and not sweet enough for soup.




Salad was Beet, Apple, Goat Cheese & Sliced Almond Salad.  I covered sliced apple with a little lemon juice so the colour doesn’t change.  The dressing is a mixture of lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, sugar, pepper & olive oil.


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