Spanish Pork

水曜日から出張でいなかった夫、昨日の夜中過ぎに戻りました。今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、スペイン風ポークの煮込み(Delia Smith の Spanish Pork)。これまでにも Delia Smith のスペイン風ポークの煮込みを何度も作ってくれていますが、今日は昔の分厚い本に載っているスペイン風のポークの煮込みではなく、新しいヴァージョン。詳しく調べてはいませんが、食べてみた大きな違いは、以前のものはトマト煮でしたが今回のものはワイン煮に近い感じの煮込み。わたしは、2つの間くらいが一番良い感じな気がしますが、これも美味しかったです。

My husband was away since Wednesday but got back after midnight last night.  He cooked dinner today as he almost always does on Saturdays and cooked Delia Smith’s Spanish Pork.  He’s cooked her Spanish Pork many times before but it was almost always her old recipe from a large old cookbook.  This time it was her new version of the recipe.  I haven’t studied the recipes to compare but the big difference is that the old recipe was very much like pork in tomato sauce, whereas this new one is more like pork cooked in red wine.  I have a feeling something in between would be the best but this one was very good, too.












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