Yakitori In Japan



As my husband arrived in Japan late on Saturday night, we all (5 of us) had dinner together on Sunday at a small yakitori restaurant near Koshien Stadium.  It’s a very small place with only about a dozen counter seats.  These sort of restaurants exist only in Japan and we love them.  It’s a pleasure to see the staff (chef) work efficiently while we eat delicious food.  We love eating a small quantity of many different items.  We were completely stuffed and all had beer or chuhai; the total bill was about 25,000 yen.  In Singapore it would probably have been about 3 times that.

We had been here a few times with my Mum when she had enough stamina to sit for a long time for a meal. She loved yakitori, so it was a good place to come on her memorial day. Bittersweet memories……


西宮市甲子園八番町2-5 プロシード甲子園1F
TEL: 0798 42 0200

2-5, Koshien Hachibancho
Nishinomiya, Hyogo,

Japan, 663-8178

TEL: 0798 42 0200

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