Easy Lunch At Home


I usually have a simple sandwich for lunch if I’m staying home but I’ve been having a lot of that recently because I haven’t been going out so much.  Today, I didn’t feel like having another sandwich but didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to eat.  I don’t want to eat anything too filling at lunch time either.  So I decided to make Hummous.  I have everything I need at home (tin chick peas, garlic, lemon, tahini, olive oil), so it’s quicker to make it than going out to buy something.


I had it with bread that was left from last night and some carrot and cucumber sticks.  I think cucumber sticks go very well because it’s very refreshing with a little rich hummous but I don’t enjoy carrot sticks here.  I think carrots we get are not fresh and they are never very juicy.  Anyway, it was quite filling, in fact I wasn’t able to finish all the bread.




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