Handmade Pizza

今日から夫の弟夫婦がイギリスから泊まりに来ています。3時ごろに空港着。疲れていて外出はしたくないだろうと思い、家での食事にしました。夫にリクエストもあったので、久しぶりのピッツァ。昨日夜生地を仕込んで冷蔵庫でゆっくり発酵させて、1時間半前に冷蔵庫から出しました。何年か前に買った FUKAI 石窯ピザ&ロースターを使って焼いています。

My husband’s younger brother and his wife arrive from England to spend a couple of weeks in Asia and they’ll stay with us before and after they have a week of holiday in Malaysia.  I thought they would be tired when they got here and prefer staying home for dinner, so we made pizza – my husband also wanted it as I hadn’t made it for a long time.  I prepared the dough last night and let it rise in the fridge overnight slowly, and took it out of the fridge an hour before we started making it.  We use a Japanese portable pizza oven, which goes as high tempreature as 400C.




I made the first one.  The topping is quite standard – tomato, chorizo, mozzarella & basil.




My husband’s brother made the 2nd one – fig, stilton, almond slices, honey.





I forgot to take a photo but my husband made the 3rd one.  When I cooked pasta last night, I made an extra batch of sauteed onion and pepper for this, so that’s what he used as well as some fresh tomato and mozzarella.


My husband’s brother and his wife were tired from their long trip so we just had these 3 pizzas with some salad.


And their daughter is joining us tomorrow!



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