Brunch At P.S.Cafe, Harding Road

家族が来ると、デンプシーにある P.S.Cafe で日曜日にブランチをするのが恒例になっています。わたしは外には座りませんが、ガラス越しに木々が見えて開放感があって好きなカフェです。

When our family stays with us we tend to go to P.S.Cafe in Dempsey to have brunch on Sunday.  Although I wouldn’t sit outside, it’s nice to see all the trees through the glass walls, it’s one of my favourite cafes here.

ちなみに、着いたとき「短くても1時間待ち」と言われ、近くのバーで何か飲んで待とうということになり Harry’s Bar に座って飲み物が来たところで「席が空きました」という通知が来ました。19分しか経っていませんでした。夫には、絶対長めに言われるからそんなに待たないよ、とは言ったのですが、まさか20分以下とは。それなら、その場で待ったのに。

When we arrived, we were told that it was going to be AT LEAST an hour wait.  I told my husband they always overestimate but we decided to go to Harry’s Bar around the corner to have something to drink while we waited.  After 19 minutes we had a text message saying our table was ready and they’ll hold it only for 5 minutes so we had to rush.  Although I didn’t expect to wait for an hour I didn’t expect to get it in less than 20 minutes either!  We could have waited at the cafe if it was going to be that short.



I had the “Garden Breakfast Platter”.  Avocado, spinach, asparagus, broccolini, tomato & eggs (I had them poached) on Sourdough toast.



PS Cafe
28B Harding Rd, Singapore 249549

Tel: 6708 9288

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