Japanese Curry & Family Time


In Japan, they’ve been having extremely heavy rain for the last few days, many people were killed and there has been a lot of damage.  Fortunately my family lives in a solid newish tall apartment building and it’s not in an area you have to worry about landslides etc, but I’m worried about some of my friends and their families…


As I’ve already written, my husband’s younger brother and his wife arrived from the UK on Friday but also their daughter arrived from Thailand yesterday.  Our niece stayed with us for a few days on her way to Australia in April and she’s been travelling in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand since then. She’ll have to start working soon when she goes back to the UK from here.  It sounded like she’s had a fantastic time and a lot of fun and is looking all nicely tanned.


The dinner yesterday was a vegetable curry.  I make it a little differently from how most Japanese would – after sauteeing onion and garlic I add spices and tinned tomato – but I do use store bought Japanese curry roux.  The vegetables I used yesterday were onion, potato, sweet potato, carrot, Kabocha (pumpkin), broccoli & courgette.


Before dinner, we had Gin & Tonic, it’s been a long time since we had it last.  Gin & Tonic is very popular in the UK and lots of people have it before dinner and we used to do this also but we stopped having pre-dinner drinks a long time ago.  I know that gin has become very fashionable in recent years but we haven’t been interested in it.  However, our visitors seem to like it we thought we’s get a nice bottle of gin and bought a Japanese one (Nikka).  It’s supposed to have flavour of Yuzu and Kabosu.  Of course once you add a lemon slice and tonic water you cannot really tell that, but it did seem more fragrant than the normal gins we’ve had before.







My husband’s brother’s wife cannot take a lot of spicy spice so I made it a bit milder yesterday.

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