The Last Family Meal Together


My brother-in-law, his wife and their daughter left for the airport around 7.00pm.  I guess they will be on the plane soon.  They wanted to have something light before leaving home, so I made 3 salads and served with some Parma Ham, Chorizo and cheese.




Couscous Salad.



Carrot, orange & almond salad.  I add a little mint and cinnamon.



Potato, red onion and cornicione salad.  The dressing is basically the same for all 3 salads, very simple with lemon juice, salt, pepper and just a little bit of olive oil.









Although they were here for 2 weeks, they were in Malaysia for 1 week of that so it was only 1 week that they spent with us..  My husband was very happy that his birthday was celebrated with a larger family. Although we didn’t spend the day together, we spent most of the evenings together and it was lovely to chat while we had dinners.  They are having a long heat wave in England this year so it’ll be hot for them when they get home but they won’t have a pool to relax at so they seem to have been enjoying the time at the pool relaxing or sitting on the balcony reading – in this hot and humid weather that I dislike!  They lived here many years ago so they also had some nostalgic time visiting the British Club.  I hope they’ll be able to visit us again before we move to the UK.

I feel very lucky that I’m able to actually enjoy spending time with my in-laws.





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