Sri Lankan Curry (Chicken Curry, Cashew Nuts Curry & Coconut Sambal)


When we were in Sri Lanka in July, we took a cooking class – a demonstration of chefs cooking some Sri Lankan curries at the hotel where we were staying but we hadn’t got round to trying it at home ourselves since we got back, so we decided to make some today.  We chose Chicken curry, Cashew nut curry and Coconut sambal.


At the cooking class everything was prepared and the chefs didn’t look at the recipes and it looked so easy – a few curries were made in no time.  However, when you make it from scratch, it takes a lot longer!  There isn’t so much chopping to do, just a little bit of onion, tomato, garlic and ginger.  However, you have to measure quite a few different spices and herbs, which took time.   From the time when I first started washing the rice, I think it took two of us an hour and 15 minutes.  My husband measured everything and made Coconut Sabal and I chopped ingredients, made chicken curry and cashew nut curry.


Like it often is in this sort of cooking class, I think some of the amounts of the ingredients the chef used for the demonstration are quite different from what are in the recipes they gave us, specially the amount of chilli powder and curry powder seems much too much in the recipe –  I don’t remember the chef using so much of them.  I asked my husband to reduce chilli powder to a half but it was still very spicy.  Instead of chicken with bones we used without bones, so that could be one reason, but I’m quite sure that the amount of coconut milk is a lot more in the recipe as well.  The chicken curry we had at the lesson didn’t have much gravy but ours had a lot even though I reduced the amount also to a half or less.  In the recipe it says 4 cups of coconut milk!  Cashew nut and coconut sambal were how we remembered them to be at the class.


It took a lot longer for us to cook them than we thought, we felt quite tired by the time we were done and chicken curry was too spicy, although it was still edible; the cashew nut curry and coconut sambal were good.













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