Heijoen (Yakiniku)


The frames of my reading glass frame are getting a bit broken so I wanted to get new ones in Takashimaya, so we decided to go to Wisma and have lunch at Heijoen, which is a yakiniku (Japanese style Korean BBQ restaurant).  It’s very popular among my Japanese friends.  I had lunch there long time ago soon after it opened once with a friend and once with my husband but the menu looked different from what I remembered.  We had a Ishiyaki Bibimba (Bibimba in a hot stone bowl) set.  Very good.



I was hoping I can find a reading glass frame into which they can put my existing lenses, but none of them worked so I had to order both the frame and lenses.  As they come from Japan they’ll take 2 weeks.  It was so busy in Takashimaya and around there and it took a while for a taxi to arrive because the roads there are very congested.  I find it very tiring to be in a busy place like that.  We said once again that we should avoid going to Orchard on Saturday afternoons.

Heijoen 平城苑(ヘイジョウエン)
435 Orchard Road
#04-47 Wisma Atria

Tel: 6262-3294

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