Spanish Pork

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Delia Smith の Spanish Pork (スペイン風ポークの煮込み)でした。オンラインで見つかるレシピは昔のレシピを基に改定されたもので、ポテトが入っていたり多少変わっているようですが、わたしたちは昔のレシピの方が好きで本のものを使っています。(ただし本ではグリーンペッパーを使っていますが、これは以前から勝手に赤パプリカに変えています。)

Tonight’s dinner my husband cooked was Delia Smith’s “Spanish Pork”.  The recipe online is a revised version of the one in her old book and it uses potato and a few other changes were made, but we prefer her old recipe so he cooks it from her old book (although we changed green pepper to red pepper a  long time ago).


He used pork from Tiong Bahru Market today, so it was very nice and tender and delicious.  When we use pork from the butcher that we usually go to it becomes more tough and dry.  There are many dishes that used to be delicious when we cooked them in Japan but are not so good here because the ingredients are different.  I imagine there are some that come out good here but not in Japan, too.



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