Patara At Tanglin Mall


I had lunch with a friend at Patara at Tanglin Mall.  She has children so she doesn’t have a lot of opportunity to go to a Thai restaurant, I love Thai food and the location is great for both of us.  It’s also great that we can always get in without making a reservation.  Their food is good, too.  We order almost always the same dishes but they are all very good.


There are 2 dishes that we always order when I go there with this friend.  Olive rice and Stir-fried morning glory with garlic and chilli.  3 dishes is about right for 2 people and our third dish varies – today we had Laab Gai (mince chicken salad).  Sometimes we choose Stir-fried mince pork with basil, sometimes some curry and sometimes beef salad.  I think Laab Gai is even nicer if it’s more spicy, but they were all very good.



We shared a bottle of sparkling water, then I had tea and my friend had Cappucino.  With 20% discount using Amex the bill was S$45 per person.



Before lunch, I gave my friend a mini mini photo lesson at home.  She has gained a few Diplomas in the flower class that I also go to and she told me she is unhappy with the photos she takes of her flowers, so I gave passed on a few tips about taking photos.  She knew all the terms but there were a few things she wasn’t sure about or she didn’t know so hopefully she’ll be able to take photos that she is happy with.

However,  even when you have plenty of knowledge, it’s not easy to take photos that you like unless you spend quite a lot of time changing the angle and camera setting, you need a lot of energy for that.  At least until you get a hang of it.  If you want to take “Instagram-worthy” photos, you also need some props and spend time on styling them.


She brought some flowers to take photos, this is just a part of them.  I love Anemone.


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