Present – Chinese Tea (Pu-erh)


A friend passed a paper bag to me saying “Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!” when I saw her the other day.  Inside, there was a handmade card (that she made at my place) and a Pu-erh tea cake (Pu-erh tea shaped like a round flat cake).  It takes a long time to make a card so I always tell my friends not to use them for me but many of them do.

こちらは中国茶の 普洱茶(日本ではポーレイ茶とかプーアール茶と呼ばれる)餅茶というもので、北京にお住いの時に購入されたものだと思います。シンガポールでは質の良い中国茶は手に入りにくいので、とても貴重なお茶ですのに。プーアール茶は年代物ほど美味しいと言われていて熟すにつれて味が美味しくなるので、これから長い間少しずつ楽しみにいただきます。お気遣い、ありがとうございました。

I think the tea is what she bought in China when she was living in Beijing, it’s not easy to get good quality Chinese tea here. This type of tea is called Pu-erh or Polei tea and the more aged they are the better the taste, it changes it’s taste and aroma as it ages, so we can enjoy it for the many years to come little by little.


I hope I’ll be able to brew it properly!


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