Penne Arrabiata


Tonight’s dinner was a salad and Penne Arrabiata.  I prefer long pasta but my husband prefers short pasta like penne.  I didn’t think it was so spicy but my husband was saying how spicy it was while he was eating it.



We are flying to Cape Town on a 2.00am flight so we’ll be heading to the airport soon.  I’m very seldom asleep before 2.00am at home but for some reason I become very sleepy at the airport when I wait for such a flight.  I hate night flights, but having my husband with me makes me a bit better, though.

一応、わたしのお誕生日のお祝い旅行。ケープタウンは初めてなので、とっても楽しみです。夫は同じところに行きたがりますが、わたしは同じところも楽しいけれど時々は行ったことがないところに行きたいタイプ。ケープタウンは南アフリカですがあまりアフリカっぽくなく、写真や YouTube をみた感じでは海と山に囲まれた風光明媚なヨーロッパぽい都市のように見えますし、食べ物も美味しそう。期待通りだと良いのですが。

This is supposed to be a holiday to celebrate my birthday.  This is our first time to be in Cape Town, so I’m so looking forward to exploring the city.  My husband tends to prefer going back to the same places but I want to go somewhere new now and again.  From what I see on photos and YouTube it looks quite European with both mountains and the sea, not a typical “South Africa” you would imagine.  Food also looks good.  Hope it’s as good as I expect.


I decided not to take my laptop this time.  I really don’t like using the laptop’s keyboard and I haven’t done much blogging on holidays in the last few years.  I’m intending to blog often enough using my iPhone without long writings, but we’ll see how things go.  If you are bored, please check my Instagram as I’ll probably update Instagram more often.  There is a link to my Instagram on this blog (right and down) but the icon is much too small to notice.

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