Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Safari (2) – Cheetah

さて、Shamwari に1時ごろチェックインしてランチをし、荷物を整理したり少し休憩したら午後のゲームドライブの時間。わたしたちにとっては、初めてのゲームドライブ。ジープは6人とガイドさんで、わたしたちは毎回同じご夫婦2組とご一緒でした。わたしたちが着いた日はかんかん照りだったので強い日差しが当たるときは、わたしは紫外線カットのつばの広い帽子を被って手で押さえていました。日が暮れてくると風が寒いので、先に書いたように防寒もしっかり必要です。脱いだり来たり出来るようレイヤーにするのがおすすめ。

We arrived in Shamwari at around 1.00pm, had lunch, unpacked, had a rest and then went on our first game drive.  There were 6 of us (2 other couples) plus the driver/guide in our jeep, the same members on every drive during the time we were there.  It was a very hot day so I was wearing my hat with a wide brim when the sun was on me, holding it in place with my hand, but then when the sun went in it was very cold.  You need to layer many clothes so you can take some of or put some on as the temperature changes.

サファリに行かれる方はとても素晴らしい望遠レンズを持って行かれる方が多いのですが、良いレンズはとても高価。新しいレンズを買うことも考えましたが、たった2日のためにやっぱりもったいないと自分に言い聞かせ、手持ちの28−300ミリのズーム望遠レンズを持って行きました。画角は問題なかったのですがF値が3.5から 6.3と暗いので薄暗いときやズームにするとやはりとても画像が落ちるので残念です。でも、こうしてブログにアップするくらいで現像して飾るわけでもないので、我慢ですね。

Many people who go on safaris take great zoom lenses with them.  I wanted one, too, but in the end I told myself that it was too much money to spend just for a 2 night safari as those good lenses are extremely expensive, so I took my existing 28-300mm zoom lens with me.  It was long enough but the problem is the F-number, which is 3.5 – 6.3.  It’s not good enough when it’s a little dark or when you use a really long zoom.  Still, it’s not as if I print out the photos, all I do is to upload them in my blog, so it’s not worth spending so much money on a lens…. though I would have loved to.


As you can probably understand, I took so many photos, it’s very hard to choose just a few.  This is going to take forever if I upload so many photos about one animal!


The first big animal we saw was a pair cheetah brothers.  The guide told us that they were checking that there were no predators around, as they waned to cross the field.  Where we were stopped was on top of a little hill and there was another hill on the other side and the cheetahs wanted to cross to the other side of the field.  I wish I could upload larger photos as these don’t show much, but I wanted to show this one so you can see how close we were to the two of them, each looking out a different direction.








I was able to take quite close ups but I wish the lens was a better one.





















After a while, they walked to the other side of the field together.






This is already the other side, so I had to use the maximum zoom.










Somehow, rather than thinking they are frightening, I couldn’t stop looking at their beautiful patterns on their faces and bodies.




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