Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Waterfront


As far as I know, there aren’t many places to visit in the city of Cape Town itself, the only place I can think of is Waterfront, where there is a large shopping mall and many restaurants near a port.  It’s very nice around there, but from the information I had the restaurants aren’t great as it is quite a touristy place.


When we went there it was also a hot day so we didn’t want to walk a lot, but we did have a quick walk around.  There is supposed to be a large shop full of South African things but it was still at the beginning of our trip so we weren’t in the mood to do much shopping.  I wish we’d had a look but we probably wouldn’t have bought anything because what I can think of craft from South Africa is those wooden animals and masks and we wouldn’t have bought them.  It is tempting to get something like that but I know we will get tired of them quickly.









We had lunch at an Indian restaurant there.  Vegetable curry, butter chicken, naan & rice.  I didn’t think there was much flavour to be honest, but naan was very good.





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