Lunch At Patara Thai Restaurant


My friend who is staying with us and our mutual friend had lunch at Patara in Tanglin Mall.  I forgot to take my SLR camera again so I had to use my iPhone for the photos.


Olive rice – my favourite that I always order.  The dish was quite far from me and I guess I didn’t handle my iphone camera well – so it’s totally out of focus.



Another favourite I always order – stir-fried morning-glory with garlic and chilli.



Minced chicken salad.  It would be really tasty if it had more lime juice and herbs.



We couldn’t remember which beef dish we liked best and ended up ordering this beef with tamarind sauce but the beef had a particular gamy taste that one of my friends and I dislike.  I think we used to have a beef salad but we couldn’t find it on the menu.





After finishing all these we felt it wasn’t quite enough so ordered vegetable Pad Thai.  Normally Pad Thai comes with peanuts and chilli flakes but this one didn’t so I asked the staff and they brought them in separate bowls, which we added and mixed altogether.



It was just about the right amount for the three of us, but younger people would probably need one more dish.


We then had tea/coffee and continued chatting until around 3.00pm.  The time flew so quickly.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
163 Tanglin Road
#03-14 Tanglin Mall, 247933

Tel: 6737 0818

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