Steak (Cooked With Anova)

(日付は変わってしまいましたが)今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、低温調理器(Anova)を使ったステーキでした。前回他のお店でステーキを買ってみましたが、今日は Huber’s でいつものアメリカ産のリブアイを買いました。大き過ぎて、夫でさえ食べきれず。2人で1枚が丁度良かったです。残ったステーキは、明日、ステーキサンドにする予定。それでも多分余ると思うので、冷凍して夫のランチかな〜?アメリカ産のステーキでもシンガポールでは高価で、2枚で100ドル(8000円)也。まぁ、グラム数が多かったですし日本でも美味しいビーフは高価ですけど、和牛じゃないから。。。でも、美味しかったです。ローズマリーとにんにくとオリーブオイルでマリネして、低温調理器で調理してから外側だけ焼き付けています。

(Though the date has changed,) the dinner my husband cooked tonight was steak using Anova.  The last time we had this we tried another butcher but this time we went back to Huber’s and bought the usual US Ribeye.  It was much too large, even for my husband, we should have bought just 1 slice and shared between us.  We left almost a half each so we’ll make steak sandwich for lunch tomorrow, but probably there will be still some left-over after that.  Maybe my husband can take another steak sandwich to the office.  It was S$100 for 2 slices.  They were heavy and I know good steak is expensive in Japan, too, but this is not Japanese beef…  Still, it was very good.  My husband marinated it in rosemary, garlic & olive oil, cooked it using Anova then seared the outside.  The side dishes were Potato Dolphinoise and roasted Brussels sprouts.  All delicious.




The plate looks very small but it’s actually very large, it’s just that the steak was huge.




We bought Epoisses.  It was very salty, too salty to eat with biscuits, you need French bread or potato to be able to enjoy it.



My husband bought many bottles of wine for Christmas but somehow we already opened a bottle.  This is what we had.  Apparently it’s very inexpensive (something like S$35) but we both liked it very much.


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