It’s Friday today so we would have gone out to a restaurant but the one we were thinking of going to was fully booked when we called yesterday.  I forget that everywhere – restaurants, taxis, traffic, shops – is busy this time of year.


For such an occasion we usually have Cheese Fondue but we had Raclette today.  Different cheese but all the rest is the same.



This Raclette machine is very large, takes so much room, and it gives out so much heat!  We didn’t see many kinds 20 years ago, I think this was the only type we found then, but these days I see some cute small ones so I feel we should change to a smaller one, but we’ll wait until we move.



I searched online how much cheese we need per person and I found out it’s supposed to be between 200g and 250 g per person.  There was a pack of 400g in the shop so that’s what I bought – but this was much too much for us!  I think about 280 for two of us was enough.  We have a very large salad and a few other things with it, maybe that’s why, but I get tired of eating cheese after a few slices.



Same when we have Cheese Fondue, we tend to have quite a large portion of salad with this meal.  Also some boiled carrots, new potatoes and salami & ham.






I feel I can have Cheese fondue more than Raclette.  Still, we hadn’t had it for a long time so we enjoyed it.

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