Travelling Cat Chronicles (Book)


A few years ago, my husband and I agreed not to do expensive presents to each other for Christmas but just buy something for each other (or oneself) that we want when we see it.  Christmas is very important for my husband, he looks forward to it very much so we used to put a lot of effort into finding presents for each other for many years.  When we were young it wasn’t a problem because there were many things that we would have liked but felt too expensive to buy on a whim or whenever we wanted to, but at our age, we buy what we want when we want, we don’t need to wait until Christmas or birthday.  Besides, as we live in a hot country, we cannot buy the things that many people would, like a jumper, coat, scarf etc and we found it increasingly stressful to find presents for each other for many years.  Now the time leading up to Christmas isn’t so stressful for us!

とはいえ、全く何もないのも寂しいので、何かしらちょっとしたプレゼントはしています。夫からは本が多く、今年も何冊かありましたが、その中の1冊が有川浩さんの「旅猫レポート」英語版「Travelling Cat Chroniclesでした。知りませんでしたが随分話題の本らしく、お子さん向けの絵本にもなっていますし、最近映画にもなったみたいですね。

However, we still want to give each other something and my husband often gets me books.  This year, among a few books he got me, there was this book – “Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa.  I didn’t know anything about this book but it seems like it has been very popular, there is a picture book version as well, and it was made into a film last year. Although it is originally a Japanese book I read it in English.


I don’t like reading the story line on Amazon or anywhere before reading a book, I prefer reading it without any idea how the story will unfold.  At first I thought this book was just light-hearted funny story but quite soon after I started reading it I knew it wasn’t going to be light-hearted and I was right.  I try to avoid reading sad books these days but sometimes it just happens…


So, this was indeed a very sad story, but at the same time uplifting and memorable.



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