Instant Ramen Noodle Plus Rice


My husband didn’t used to like Ramen noodles when we lived in Japan but by some reason he started saying he loves them some years ago.  I wonder why…  So we keep Chuka Zanmai (Dan Dan Noodle Flavour) Instant Noodles for a lunch on Sunday.  Their expiring date comes quite quickly and my husband said he missed Ramen so we decided to have it for lunch today.  I somehow thought we had enough and didn’t even check – and just when I started preparing them I discovered we had only 1 packet left.  Oh dear… what should I do?


So I decided to add some rice (there was some in the freezer) and made Ramen Rice.  This instant noodle doesn’t have enough flavour for us so I always add sesame paste (sometimes Peanut butter), Chinese Chilli paste etc.  I don’t add much protein or vegetables but I do put in some romaine lettuce (I like the crispy texture even when cooked) and a lot of coriander leaves.   We don’t have suitable bowls for noodles, unlike most Japanese, so we use Thai bowls.




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  1. Hunida says:

    What an interesting idea to add rice! Was it just as yummy as with noodles?

    1. Noodle says:

      We enjoyed it – me more than my husband, I guess. Japanese often put rice after we finish the noodles anyway because often there is a lot of the broth left.

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