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月曜日にお友達がカードを作っておられる間に色を塗っていたパーツを使って、昨日の夜、カードを4枚完成させました。いつも参考にさせていただいている Jennifer McGuire さんのこちらのビデオを参考に作りました。

While a friend of mine was making cards the other day, I made some parts for cards by colouring some images, and I made them up into cards yesterday – I followed a video of Jennifer McGuire as I often do.

1枚目は、Altenew の水彩インクペンで色を塗ってみたのですが、結構インクが出てくる量が多くて花びら1枚1枚があまり大きなものではないのでとても難しくて思うように塗れず、2枚目からはコピックマーカーでシンプルに塗りました。

I coloured the image first with some Altenew watercolour pens, but I found it very hard to do – each petal of the image is not very large and the ink flow, I found, was too fast for small iamges like these, so I switched the tool to Copic Marker from the 2nd image and coloured them just very simply.

写真ではわからないのですが、お花の上から Wink Of Stella Brush の透明でキラキラするもので塗っているので少し光っていて、小さな蕾のような部分には stickles をのせたのでさらにキラキラしていて、メッセージの部分にも stickles をぽつぽつ塗って飾っています。

You cannot see it but I put some Wink Of Stella Brush clear ink all over the flowers so they look a little sparkly and also put some stickles on the small buds and a few drops around the messages.


They look very simple and they are, but what takes time is to put form tape behind the cut-out images.  I had to cut them small and put them at each of the end parts so they don’t bend.


I think they are pretty and elegant, I like them very much.










But then, an accident happened.  I knocked over a glass of water on my desk and 2 of the cards got soaked with the water.  So so sad….



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  1. Hunida says:

    These are beautiful! So sorry the water spilled on 2 of them. 😭

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you! I must say I wanted to cry… but it’s only cards.

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