Handmade Card – Made By A Friend

もうお1人、カードを作りにいらした方は、先日Laurel Burchというアーティストの印刷カードを見本に絵を描いて水彩で色を塗ったカードを作った方で、今日も同じアーティストのアートを見本に絵を描いて水彩で色を塗られました。一応カードの形にはされましたが、どちらもカードというより、アート、という感じですね。これも、可愛い!

The other friend who came today had made a card here last week by sort of copying a printed card of a painting by Laurel Burch, and she made another one today, based on another work by the same artist.  Although she made them into cards (both about double the size of a standard card size), they are more like art than cards.   This one is very cute, too.



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