French Baking Recipe Book (Written By My Friend)

昨日ディナーをご一緒したお友達は長年に渡りお菓子作りの先生をされていて、今年でお教室を始められてから20年になるそうです。日本、シンガポール、英国、シカゴでずっと教えておられるお教室でのレシピがたくさん載った素敵なレシピ本(英語と日本語併記)を出版されました。「私が教室で伝えたいレシピ」(The recipes I love to teach) (藤川温子)。

The friend we had dinner with yesterday has been teaching French baking in Japan, Singapore, UK and is now doing it in Chicago.  It is the 20th anniversary of her class this year and she has just published a wonderful recipe book “The recipes I love to teach” (Haruko Fujikawa), which is bilingual in English and Japanese.


Although I like cooking, I’m not good at baking at all.  When I was younger, I didn’t really like sweet things (though I do now).  I find baking very tricky because if you make one mistake the end result can often be inedible.  I can make some simple desserts like scones and British home desserts, but I’m all fingers and thumbs so I never even thought I could bake sophisticated French cakes – I always thought such cakes aren’t to bake but to buy.  However, when I was told my friend was going to start teaching French baking in Singapore, I did take her lesson out of curiosity, and as it was something to do here, and found it fun when you bake with friends and a teacher.  The teacher provides all the tools, prepares everything for you and you just have to do what you are told – no stress and great results.  Her cakes are all delicious.  So I took her lesson every month whenever I could.


This book has many of those recipes.  I loved reading Preface, Postface and columns, which show her passion for baking and her character so well, too.


She always teaches one main cake (which is quite time consuming) and one extra (which is relatively quick to bake) and this book also has both types.  For the recipes for the complicated cakes, there are many photos to show each step of the process.


This book isn’t sold in book stores, so if you would like to get it please send me a message.  (It’s 2,000 yen + tax + postage each)




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  1. Haruko WARTIKAR says:

    見落としてました! こんなに素敵にご紹介して下さっていたのですね!ありがとうございます。嬉しいです。

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  2. Jessica Choo says:

    hi is this book still available for order?


    1. Noodle says:

      Please contact at for Enquiries.

  3. Elaine says:

    Hi there, I will like to purchase this book. How do I contact you? 🙂

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      Please contact at for Enquiries.

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