Hamburg Steak With Blue Cheese Sauce & Roasted Cabbage

今日の夕食は、東京に行ったときにお料理教室「vege vege vege」で教えていただいた、ハンバーグのブルーチーズソースとローストキャベツ。他に余っていたズッキーニとミニトマトのソテー。今日は、16穀米を混ぜたご飯にしました。むっちりした肉肉しいハンバーグには、こういうご飯もよく合う気がします。

Today’s dinner was Hamburg Steak With Blue Cheese Sauce with roasted cabbage, which I learned at a cooking class “vege vege vege” in Tokyo. I also sautéed courgette (there was a half left in the fridge) and mini tomatoes. I added 16 grain pack in the rice when I cooked it, I think this type of hamburg goes well with this type of rice.


I had migraine since this morning, which gave me nausea when I was cooking, but fortunately I felt much better soon after we started having the dinner – wine seems to have done the trick 🙂


Hamburg I often cook is very soft tender ones (because there is a lot of sautéed vegetables in it) cooked in Ratatouille type of sauce, but this one is very firm because it has a lot of bread crumbs included, which goes well with this type of sauce. My husband loves blue cheese sauce as well, so he likes both types. Today I used Stilton so the sauce was quite strongly blue cheese and quite rich.

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