House Of AnLi

今日のランチは、タングリンモールの「House Of AnLi」に行きました。夫は、ブランチのマッシュルームとポーチドエッグ。わたしは、ベジタリアンの Impossible Burgerに初トライ。バーガーのバンズがぱさついていたのと、コールスローの量が少ないと思いましたが、お味はまずまず。多分、大豆ミートだと思いますが、食感はお肉のようでした。添えられていたオーブンチップスはほとんどがへなへなしていて一部はとても硬くて、あまりおいしくなかったです。

We went to “House of AnLi” in Tanglin Mall for lunch today, it was relatively quiet as I guess the majority of western expats are away. My husband had Mushroom & Poached egg from Brunch menu and I had “Impossible Burger”, which uses “plant based burger patty”. The buns were a bit dry and I thought they could use a little more vegetable slaw but it wasn’t bad. I guess “plant based burger patty” is made of soy, it had quite good texture like real beef. The oven chips were not very nice – mostly very soggy and some very tough.

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