On Friday, we went to “Skai” for dinner. The first table they gave us was in a area where a few tables were covered with some sort of structure except the part facing the rest of the restaurant, and a speaker seemed to be located right above us and the sound of the music was too loud. We were not able to hear each other and I even started to feel a little queasy. I don’t think we fond it so noisy the last few times we ate there.

We asked one of the staff to find a quieter table and were told all the area has the same level of the sound. We were moved to a table near the window and it was a lot better in spite of the staff telling us it was all the same. I guess because of the way the few tables were sort of covered the sound seemed to stay inside. We told the staff that we feel the sound is much too loud and asked if anyone else commented so and were told “it’s fine for everyone else”. Really? We looked around and saw most people were looking at their phone or typing something on the phone, not many people were talking to each other, maybe nobody cares because they don’t talk to each other? Having said that, we saw 2 sets of people who moved from where we were seated first then moved to a different table, I wonder why that was.


Their menu is mostly steak, not a lot of other items. First we shared a burrata cheese salad, then my husband had US fillet steak, I had Saga beef fillet steak. 1 main dish comes with 1 side dish and we chose chips (fried potato) and cabbage dish and shared them.


Saga beef fillet steak is very tender and good but it is quite rich, so I felt full quite quickly. My husband helped me with about 1/3 of it but he cannot eat as much as he used to so he was struggling to finish his as well as mine.


For dessert, we had an “Exotic trifle” each. It’s quite light and I like it, but my husband didn’t find it very intestesting.


Down below we could see that they were doing some rehearsal for the National Day event coming up in a month’s time.


It was S$530 including a bottle of wine (S$100).


The food is good but not a lot of variety on their menu and it is quite expensive. The staff were very nice but the service was extremely slow. It’s quite a large restaurant and it looked like they were very under staffed.

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