Today’s dinner was Bibimbap, it’s been a while since I made this. I tried a few times but using Le Creuset didn’t work very well, it was too deep, and using an ordinary bowl didn’t work either because it got cold very quickly. Today, I used a grill pan, which is deep enough, and warmed up all the vegetables in the microwave just before serving because these vegetables are cooked one kind at a time with different seasonings so some of them are cold before the last vegetable is cooked. As the grill pan is quite large it looked strange when I put just enough rice for 2 of us so I ended up doing almost for 4 people, but that is OK, there is enough left over for lunch for both of us for tomorrow.

Although I omitted one vegetable, I basically used this recipe. Today, I used Choy Sum instead of spinach. While I was writing about the ingredients in Japanese I remembered that I had marinaded some mince beef to use, and it was still in the fridge! I totally forgot it! So I just cooked it afterwards and put it on top of the left-over that we will have for lunch tomorrow. I often forget one ingredient that I plan to take out of the fridge just before cooking like this…

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