Beirut Grill

昨日はアラブストリートに用があったので、ついでにランチをしました。夫に検索してもらって決めてもらい、「Beirut Grill」というレバノン料理のレストランに行ってみました。

Yesterday, we had something to do in Arab Street so had lunch near there. I asked my husband to search and choose a restaurant and he chose “Beirut Grill”.


We shared a meze plate (falafel, hummus, aubergine dip etc) and Chicken Kebab but forgot to take a photo of the kebab dish. The chicken kebab was just OK. I like starters of middle-eastern dishes but usually not the mains because they are just simply grilled. The rice that came with the chicken was quite nice.


The pita bread that came with the meze was very hard and dry, not nice at all, but we asked for an additional pita bread, which came hot and fluffy. I guess the meze came with left-over pita. Pita bread doesn’t cost much to bake, so I wish they’d serve fresh ones each time. The meze was very good.


I like Arab Street and around there, it looks very nice with all the shop houses. However, it always seems extremely hot there!


After lunch, we walked around the corner to Arab Street, which was very close by, and saw some event, I think it was some sort of art event. I guess this is why they had many tables outside. Nobody was using them as it was just too hot but I guess they were used in the evening.

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