Chilli Con Carne


The time for us to leave Singapore is getting closer, a little more than a month now. When we moved from Japan to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to Singapore, it wasn’t so bad because my husband’s company took care of most of it, but it’s very different this time. There have been so much to decide, consider and do, we are both feeling exhausted, My husband is going to retire and we are going to live in England for the first time since we got married. I needed to get UK Visa, we needed to find a house in a few days, sell our property and buy the house all at the same time. We are down-sizing so we’ll have to decide what to take and what not to etc, etc. There have been so many documents to collect, read and sign for my husband, unfortunately they have to be done by my husband so I’m not able to help him much. Moving for a job was so much easier! There will be a lot to handle even after we leave here, we have been stressed out in the last six months or so and I expect it’ll be stressful for a while longer.


We talked on the weekend that we haven’t had Chilli Con Carne for a while, so that’s what I cooked for dinner today. When I checked in my blog, we did have it only a month ago, though.

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