Teppan Works

夫も今週末はお引越しの準備で忙しいのでご飯を作る余裕なし。ということで、今日の夕食は「Teppan Works」に行きました。




My husband is very busy with the preparation for our move so he doesn’t have time to cook dinner – so we went to “Teppan Works” for dinner today.

There are a few restaurants I’d like to go to with my husband before we leave and this is one of them. I’d like to go to these restaurants because I’ve been there often with my husband, not because their food is good. Of course their food is good, that is why we go often, but it’s often because their staff is very nice.

Today, we had Edamame, Pork & Kimchee, Sesami Tofu, Tofu Steak, Steak and Sobameshi (rice & noodles stir fried together). It doesn’t seem much but the steak had quite a lot of fat and it filled us up quickly. We enjoyed it as always.

This is probably our last time to be here. Two young Japanese guys are running and working here, trying hard to do the best to serve good food and good service, so we wanted to support them. We wish them good luck with their restaurants.

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