A Relaxing Day


We have been doing nothing much all day other than relaxing. Last night there were a few Japanese children making a lot of noise (it’s their long weekend so most of people we see here are Japanese) at dinner but it’s been lovely and quiet at the pool today, all we hear is the sound of the waves and birds singing. I feel our hearts have been tightly knotted for a while with all the things we had to worry about but they have been becoming loosened.

夜中は長時間大雨、今朝はお天気でしたが午後からは曇っています。でも、涼しくて、これはこれで悪くない。今日もガゼボ(確かバリ島ではBale と呼ぶのだった)でゆっくり過ごしました。

It rains very heavily for long time during the night but it was good weather this morning. However it became very cloudy this afternoon. We quite like it like this, though, it’s nice and cool. We spent hours relaxing in a gazebo (they call this Bale here, I think),

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