Rice Fields In Ubud

のんびりするためのバリ島滞在ですが、昨日半日だけアマンの車で段々畑を見に行きました。昔一度有名なところに行ったので今回は別のところにしましたが、広いけれど高さがないので物足りなく感じました。(最後の写真は車に用意されているお水やスナック。希望すればビールもいただけます。) 先に湖のほとりのお寺にも寄りました。

We are in Bali to do nothing after a stressful few months but we did go out just a half day in a hotel car (they give you snacks, water, even beer if you want) to see the rice fields. When we came to Ubud for the first time many years ago, we went to the famous place for terraced rice fields, but this time we went to a different place. Here they were wider and you can see a larger area of fields, but we thought the famous place is more impressive because you see the terraced fields from the top of a higher hill. We also visited a temple by a lake.

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