Moving In!


I had to get up even earlier today than yesterday – 6.00am when it was still pitch dark.  I thought we were able to sleep as late as we want once we retire but that hasn’t been the case.  I know it’s just this period of our life, things should get better.


It was the day for the moving company to bring in the boxes we had shipped from Singapore.  We were told that they would arrive between 9.00am and and be finished in 3 hours.


The street in front of us belongs to the houses that are along the close and you cannot drive through. The turn from the main road to the close is very tight and narrow. I heard my husband explaning this to the lady who is supposed to be in charge of communication for the moving company over and over (actually I was thinking he was telling her too many times, thinking it seemed a little insulting) and telling her he didn’t think 40 foot container truck can get in, he even sent her a photo of google earth to show that, but she assured him that they had checked that it can. We told our neighbours that this was going to happen and the street will be blocked and asked them to move their car kindly somewhere else if they need to go out after 9.00am. When we got near the house we saw a long queue of cars in the main village street, whch was – you guessed it – caused by this truck! It was too early so a neighbour who was going to go out was also stuck. It wasn’t able to turn the corner and stopping the traffic of the main street of the village.




My husband went out in the rain trying to sort things out, he called the lady in charge but she wouldn’t answer the phone (we later found out she is on holiday!).  In the end they used a smaller truck that the moving staff came in to unload the boxes from the container then shuttle to our house to unload.  Although the bug truck was off the main street it was still blocking the street from the corner to our close.  Later we found out that such a large truck was not supposed to come in this part of the village.  If the lady in charge did proper research as she should have done as her job, she whould have made an arrangement that all this was going to be done somewhere less disruptive and the driver of the truck wouldn’t have been complained to.  This person made a mistake twice about the date, she didn’t call my husband back after he left a few messages, she’s been completely incompetent.  The Singapore side was good but not this side.


Anyway, it was eventually done.


As it’s a house, moving the boxes in took less than it would have done in an apartment, where you have to use a lift.  It took about 4 hours altogether.  It was raining and windy – not good conditions – and I’m sure it was tough for the staff.  It wasn’t great for me either to be standing for 4 hours in the cold checking off the box numbers – I’m quite stiff now.


They did just a little unpacking today but the rest will be done on Monday. 


Although there have been a lot of stressful things for this move, for me, this is the most stressful time: from the day of delivery of the boxes until the renovation of the house is done.  Although the house is quite new and is perfectly fine to live in as it is, we have many things we want to have done.  It takes a lot of time to make all the arrangements (mostly deciding on the designs and the new furniture) and also all the workers are busy this time of year, we’ll have to wait for a while.  We are changing the double garage to a craft/study room so things that came from our craft room/study have nowhere to go.  Also we got rid of a lot of larger furniture and are going to have built in furniture for storage, which means there are a lot of things that have to be stored in the garage for now, but I’m worried if they are going to be OK with this wet weather.  We paid a lot of money to bring all the stuff but they can get mouldy in a few months, can’t they?  Also as each room is smaller I’m worried of we can find space for everthing.  Right now, boxes are everywhere, it’s really overwhelming and depressing.  The sofa that looked very small in our apartment in Singapore is now looking massive in the living room…



My husband has been looking forward to this day and he kept saying how he feels we now have a home with our boxes in.  Really?  As for me, I’ve been dreading for this day and this peiod of time – from today until the renovation is done.  I know those boxes have our stuff inside but to be they are just boxes at the moment.  It’s like living in a rubbish field…


I hope it’ll look better after working on them tomorrow and Monday. 

これは、キッチンで立って食べた今日のランチ。近くにある Waitrose のサンドイッチ。「チキンカツ」という味ではなくて、ココナッツの味やシャンツァイの味がエキゾチックでしたが、とても美味しかったです。ファラフェルラップはあまり好みじゃなかったですが。

This is our lunch, we had half each standing in the kitchen.  I didn’t like the wrap so much but Chiken Katsu was very good. The name suggests Japanese, but it wasn’t very Japanese at all, it had coconut and coriander flaour, more Thai than Japanese. 

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  1. 愛されている妻 says:

    The worst is over.

    1. Noodle says:


      Worst is still to comeです、これからが大変。。。リノベーションが終わったら楽しく暮らせると思うので、ひと頑張りするしかありません。

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