Making Some Progress


The 2nd day of unpacking. The 1st photo is today’s kitchen, 2nd one is yesterday’s. They don’t look very different but the boxes you see near the door have been opened and packed again without all the packing stuff (except glasses, which are left with packing stuff). The large boxes on the right are tables, which will be unpacked tomorrow by the moving people. The 3rd photo is the living room, which my husband worked on. He also worked on the guest’s bedroom and the garden.


We had a quick lunch in between unpacking. We took the Italian ciabatta we bought in Thursday and leftover chorizo etc and made sandwiches. We grilled the bread so it was nice and hot and outside was crunchy, yummy!


Although I am tired, it is also satisfying to see the result and also it hasn’t been as bad as it was when we moved to Hong Kong and Singapore. When we moved to Hong Kong I knew nobody at all and my husband was working all day during the week and often away on business, so I was unpacking all day long totally on my own without speaking to anyone al all, sometimes until midnight or even until morning if my husband was away and I had to cook dinner if my husband wasn’t away. When we moved to Singapore I had a few friends so I did get a break now and again when I went out for lunches but the rest of the time was the same, unpacking every day from morning to evening if not longer. This time my husband is with me, which makes a big difference. He helps me with heavy work, we take a break, we go out for dinner or cook together. So much easier! It’s more tiring for my husband this time because he has to drive nearly 3 hours a day up and down.

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