Nearly Done (For Now)


Another day of unpacking. I got up at 6.00an again, we drove to our house, and unpacked from 9.30am until 5.00pm. We had a 30 min lunch break but other than that, no break, no sitting down. I think it’s pretty good for someone at my age!


Three staff came from the moving company and did a lot of work, they unpacked all the crates, oshie paintings, oil paintings and furniture, got rid of all the empty boxes and packing materials and moved a lot of boxes from the garage.


Until the renovation is done there are a lot of things that have no place to live, so we cannot touch a lot of boxes but I think we did around 90% of what we can do before the renovation.


We worked hard at unpacking again today. The photos are, all at the end of today, kitchen, dining(2), living (3), master bedroom, guest’s room (where we’ll be sleeping for a while), my husband’s loft, and a room to be made into a dressing room. There is another small room, where we are storing the things for the dining and some overflow kitchen things (still in boxes) until the renovation is done. We are also storing the craft things (still in boxes) in the garage until renovation starts.


What is sad is that although I was expecting this to happen, everything (the smallest furniture we brought hope they can be used) and frames with oshie and paintings look so enormous here. We had a large living/dining room both in Japan and Hong Kong but it was specially roomy in Singapore, so they looked small. I think we may have to get rid of some furniture and my oshie and oil paintings, I don’t think we have enough space.


We went to the closest pub again for lunch and shared a Ploughman’s again.


We didn’t feel like going out but we didn’t feel like cooking either, so we bought sandwiches in Waitrose again. The dessert was raspberries, they were very fresh and nice.


We decided to take a day off tomorrow. To be honest I feel like finishing it off but we worked all day for 4 days without sitting down (except at lunch) (though we had a meeting with the kitchen guy in the afternoon) and we feel we should give ourselves a rest.

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