Our First Visitors

今日は、親しいお友達ご夫婦に新しい家のご案内をしました。この3週間弱の間Lyndhurstのコテージを貸してくださっている、とてもお世話になっているご夫婦です。家で待ち合わせて、ぐるっとご案内して、コーヒー/紅茶を飲みながらキャッチアップして、車で10分程度のところにある「The George」というパブでランチをご一緒しました。

Today, we had another easy day. Our good friends, who are kindly letting us stay in their cottage, came to our house to see it for the first time. After showing them around we had coffee/tea, had a catch up then went out for lunch in a pub. The pub is called “The George”, and is about 10 minutes by car from the house.


My friend had Mushroom Wellington, her husband had Pheasant, my husband had Fish and Chips and I had Butternut Squash stuffed with quinoa and some vegetables. I personally would have added some herbs to the stuffing of the squash but I felt good that I had a lot of vegetables, as I’ve had too much sausages and chips since we arrived n England.


After lunch they drove us back to our house and then left. Just when we were seeing them off at the door I was thinking how strange it felt to be saying goodbye to them at our house in England, and my friend said how strange it felt to be saying goodbye to us being seen off at our house in England!


After seeing them off we did a little unpacking and moving things around until 5.00pm and called it a day. I forgot to take photos but I think we are at the stage that we cannot do much better until the renovation finished in the living room and the dining room. We need to work on the kitchen a little more.

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