A Lot Of Meetings And Lunch At The Swan


We got up early again to meet our interior designer and some plumbers and a carpenter to discuss what we need them to do. These discussions seem to take much longer than you think they would take. That took 2 and a half hours.

ランチは家から15分くらいのところのパブ、「The Swan」に行きました。2度目なのですが、スタッフの方がそれぞれ何を食べたか、どこに座ったかまで覚えてらしてびっくりしました。尤も、この辺りでアジア人はほとんど見かけないので、顔を覚えるのは容易いとは思いますが(笑)。

Then we went to “The Swan”, which is about 15 minutes from our house to have lunch. We’d been there once before but the staff who served us before remembered where we sat and what each of us had, which was impressive. I suppose it’s not as hard as it seems because I’d never seen any other Asian faces except restaurant staff in this area.


My husband had Venison and Onion Pie, which he said was very good. I had today’s soup, which was Spicy Sweet Potato Soup. I didn’t think I could taste any sweet potatoes, I tasted something like celeriac. It tasted very nice anyway so I didn’t mind.


We were there before but I somehow didn’t notice the tree on the wall last time.


After lunch we went to buy those Italian bread again. We had decided to cook dinner at home so after that we went back to our house, closed up and left for the cottage early. In the last few days we’d been meaning to cook dinner but we got too late to leave for the cottage as we got engrossed with unpacking/tidying up.


We didn’t have much to today to do much work at home but we moved a few things around and feel we’ll probably leave the living room and the dining room more or less as they are until the renovation is over – I forgot to take photos. The kitchen needs a little more work, so does the master bedroom.


We feel the house is OK to live in now so we are finally moving in ourselves tomorrow afternoon!

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