Vegetable Curry


As I’ve written, we went out for lunch today. We left aroound 11.30am, but my husband was out in the morning to do a few chores. Unfortunately most chores have to be done by him, so he is much busier than I am.


It was after 3.00pm when we finished our lunch and got back home around 4.00pm. It was quite chilly so we put the fire on in the living room and had tea there to keep warm. As I was nodding off in the car on our journey from lunch, I was still sleepy and ended up having a little nap.


Dinner was curry. There was some Minestrone left in the fridge so we defrosted the vegetable curry we put in the freezer sometime ago, mixed them together and added just a little of Japanese curry roux. It tasted better than before thanks to the Minestrone soup.


After dinner, we did some online shopping on Waitrose (supermarket). This is our first time to use it. I find the time slots for most deliveries are awful here, often all afternoon or 5 hours slots, but thankfully supermarkets’ delivery slots seem better. However, the range of the products aren’t great comparing to Singapore. Like I have written before, I find it’s a lot easier to get variety of things in Hong Kong and Singapore even when they are from Europe. Another problem is of course there was no delivery slot available until the 27th. Fortunately none of the things we were ordering was urgent so we are going to have them delivered on the 28th.


We don’t know what is available and what isn’t so just to order 10 items or so took us a long time and it was 9.30pm by the time we finished. We watched a few episodes of a TV drama and our day is gone.

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