Roast Pork


We cooked a roast for the first time since we arrived in England – roast pork today.  We used to cook it regularly in Japan and Hong Kong but the kitchen got so hot in Singapore, we quickly gave up doing it there.  We were looking forward to having a roast dinner in England when we started living here.

ローストは本来もっと大きな塊肉で作るもので、2人分だとどうしても無駄が出ますし作りにくい。お肉は、昨日、Arundel のお肉屋さんで買ったものを包みを開けて何も被せずに冷蔵庫に置いていました。というのは、こちらではローストポークは必ず皮付きになっていて、焼いてカリカリになったものをクラックリングと言って好んで食べる人が多いのですが、包んであるとカリカリになりにくいようなのです。中華料理で前菜にカリカリの皮付きの四角くカットした豚肉がありますが、あんな感じです。今日は、カリッカリに出来ました!


You should really use a large joint for roasting but we are just two of us so we bought 750g, still too big and we’ll waste some but no other way.  We bought it in the well-known butcher in Arundel, took off the wrapping and kept it without covering in the fridge because I’ve read covering can stop the crackling getting very crunchy.

Incidentally, we used to be able to get a pork joint with skin on in Japan in a butcher near where we lived.  (In Japan, they don’t usually eat skin.)  Whenever we cook pork crackling we think of a story of our boss in Japan.  Our boss asked the butcher to keep the skin on but his Japanese wasn’t very good, the word in Japanese for skin is Kawa but he said Kami, which is paper.  It took them a while to understand each other.



I know Yorkshire pudding is for roast beef but we like it so much that we make it even when we roast pork.  The strange thing is that we tried a few times to cook Yorkshire pudding in Singapore, but it never worked.  It used to work in Japan and in Hong Kong, we don’t know why it didn’t work in Singapore, but I guess it was the oven.




We had all the other usual trimmings – roasted potato, roasted parsnip, roasted apple & pear, boiled Brussel’s sprouts, gravy.  No gravy boat has been found so we used a cup instead.



We had a little special wine today.  Another good thing here – wine is much less expensive than in Singapore so we can afford good ones.



Cheese after the meal.




The dinner looks all brown except Brussel’s sprouts, so it may not look very appetising to Japanese but we enjoyed it very much.



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