Indian Style Chickpea and Pistachio Burger with Turmeric Wedges (Hello Fresh)

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh から配達されて来た中から、「Indian Style Chickpea and Pistachio Burger」(インド風ひよこ豆とピスタチオのバーガー、ターメリック風味のポテト添え)にしました。バーガーに入っているのは、ひよこ豆、人参、シャンツァイ、ザンジバール・カレーパウダー、ピスタチオ、薄力粉、マンゴーチャツネ。バーガーバンにはマオネーズを塗って、バーガーをのせて、トマトとロケットをのせて挟みます。ポテトにはターメリックとナイジェラシード、塩胡椒。トマトは2つ入っていましたが1つで十分でしたし、マヨネーズも2袋ありましたが使ったのは1袋。ロケットも半分残っていますし、ポテトは大きなのを1つと小さなのを1つ使いましたが余りました。パンはオーブンで温めるのではなく、グリルしました。日本なら、オーブントースターで焼くと美味しい。

Today’s dinner was “Indian Style Chickpea and Pistachio Burger”, one of Hello Fresh’s meals. Inside of the burger are – chickpea, carrot, fresh coriander, zanzibar curry powder, pistachios, plain flour, and mango chutney.  You spread mayonnaise on the buns, put the burgers on, then top each with some tomato and rocket leaves.  Potatoes on the side have some turmeric powder and nigella seeds, plus salt & pepper before being roasted.  In the kit there were 2 tomatoes, but 1 was enough.  There were also 2 sachets of Mayonnaise, but we used just 1.  There were 3 potatoes but we used 1 large and 1 small. We couldn’t finish all of it.  A half of the rocket leaves is also left.  We grilled the buns (after cutting them in half horizontally) rather than just warming them up in the oven.  We find them better that way.




It was a little too sweet to me, so I would reduce the amount of mango chutney and increase the amount of spices and pistachios as it wasn’t very spicy and I couldn’t taste the pistachio, but it was still very good.  The portion was very large, I wasn’t able to finish it.  If we were staying home for lunch I would have kept it and made a sandwich but the leftover amount wasn’t enough to freeze so I had to give it up.  The only complaint is that the tomato was tasteless, but this is often the case in England.  Mini ones on the vine in general taste better.

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