Lunch At Bill’s

昨日は久しぶりに良いお天気でしたが、今日はさっきまで少し陽も差していましたが、今はまた曇っています。今日はチチェスター に用があったので、「Bill’s」というカフェでランチをしました。最初に行った時にインテリアもアップしていますが、なかなかオシャレっぽく、食事もまずまず。

It was a beautiful weather yesterday, and it wasn’t too bad this morning but it looks very grey again now.  We needed to go to Chichester, so we had lunch at “Bill’s”.  I blogged their interior when we were there for the first time but it is very nice and the food is also good.


I had Mojo Marinated Chicken Skewers With Grain Salad and sparkling water.  The chicken was quite dry today, but at least it wasn’t gamy.





My husband had Full English Breakfast and tea.  He almost always has tea only when he has a full English breakfast, I guess it’s something he grew up with.  Sadly the egg was over cooked.  In England I find that beef and eggs are often over cooked.  Maybe we should remember to ask them not to cook until hard.



Tea was served in a large enamel pot.  The colours of the lid and the rest are very different, I wonder if they are from different sets or one of them was painted with a different colour.  The paint of the lid has come off here and there, but somehow it looks very cute in a cafe like this.  I’m quite sure I would have thrown it away if this happened to one of our things at home.






3 Buttermarket, North Street
Chichester PO19 1LQ

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