New Boots


In London, we did some shopping and these boots are one of the things I got. My husband was completely shocked and kept saying to me, “Are you sure you want Doc Marten’s boots? Are you really going to wear them? Are you sure about it?” Apparently these are totally out of my character. I even changed the shoe laces from the original black ones to red.


We live in the countryside and roads are very muddy in this weather, my sneakers got so muddy in a short walk and the same for my ordinary leather boots, but these Doc Martens have very thick soles so don’t so easily get muddy and with the wax it’s water resistant as well so I think they’re practical. They go well with my skinny trousers and jeans that I wear often. I haven’t worn skirts for 10 years or so because I don’t like wearing a skirt without a pair of tights and I couldn’t wear tights in Singapore in that hot weather, but I just bought a long skirt as I feel these boots go well with long skirts.

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  1. Jo says:

    Love them Yumiko
    Especially the red laces!
    Oh so practical and they’ll look super with your skinny trousers and jeans, and your new long skirt.

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you, Jo! Dave still laughs looking at them.

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