Another New Member of Our Family – Brava (A Mopping Robot)


As well as the Hoovering robot, Roomba, we now have a mopping robot, Brava. I hate that English houses (or flats) don’t have a specific area inside the front door where you can take your shoes off and keep the dirt out of the house. We do take our shoes off but the dirt isn’t contained near the door because there is no barrier like in a Japanese home and when you open the door the wind carries the dirt further in.  We also take our shoes off and put slippers on at the same place, so naturally the slippers are contaminated, too.  (In Japan, where you take shoes off is one step lower, so you take your shoes off, then go up one step to the rest of the house / apartment.  This has been bothering me a lot because I find it so unhygienic but I cannot clean the floor all the time because it is too much for my wrist.  So, I asked my husband to get this mopping robot.  Now I feel much safer!


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