Taiyaki & Special Japanese Green Tea


It’s April already!  Usually you would see a lot of April Fool stuff today on newspapers and the internet but nothing like that this year, just not in the mood I guess.  The number of deaths by Coronavirus in the UK yesterday was up by 560, such a large number…  It hasn’t been 2 weeks since the lockdown so I suppose the effect of it isn’t showing yet.  I just wish they did something more strict in Japan quickly so Japan doesn’t get as bad as this.


Both my husband and I love spending time at home so we aren’t bored or anything at the moment.  Once we start tackling the unpacking of boxes, the day goes too fast, so we decided not to do that today and take our time.  It looked like good weather in the morning today but has gone very cloudy in the afternoon, but we are still loving seeing our back garden and the many little birds out there.  I wish we could plant some summer flowers now, but it’s not possible, the garden has to wait until next year.


We usually have tea at 4.00pm with something sweet, although now and again we’d be concentrating on some chores and forget the tea.  We tend to have crumpets often whenever we have some in but we haven’t done shopping for a while so no crumpets.  We bought a few small fruit cakes in a farm shop last week and they last long so that’s what we’ve been having, but today we had some Japanese sweets.  They are mini versions of Taiyaki (outside is a kind of American pancake-like things but much firmer and filled with bean paste) with Gyokuro (special Japanese green tea).  The Taiyaki were bought from London, and they come frozen so we just microwave them.  Gyokuro tea is from a tea shop in London – it is very expensive and there is only little in a package so we aren’t having it often.  Taiyaki have a little strange smell like kelp, which I’m guessing s something they add to keep them longer.  They are enjoyable enough.


The tea cup is from a shop where you could get lovely Korean artists’ crockeries in Singapore (they aren’t there any longer).  I love it!


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