Teriyaki Beef Mince with Jasmine Rice and Cucumber Salad

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「 Teriyaki Beef Mince with Jasmin Rice and Cucumber Salad」(照り焼きミンチビーフ、ジャスミンライスときゅうりのサラダ)、でした。ぎゅうミンチを炒めて調味料(ケチャップ・マニス、お醤油、はちみつ、米酢、ニンニク、生姜)を加えお水を少しと青ネギのスライス加えて少し煮詰めて出来上がり。盛り付けてから青ネギとゴマをかけます。お野菜が何もなかったので、玉ねぎを少し加えました。添えるきゅうりのサラダはきゅうりにごま油、ゴマ、ライム汁、塩胡椒を混ぜるだけ。味は美味しかったですが、お野菜も一緒に炒めた方がもっと美味しいと思います。もっと早く気づいていればせめて人参を加えたのですが。

Dinner today was “Teriyaki Beef Mince with Jasmin Rice and Cucumber Salad” from Hello Fresh.  You sautee mince beef for a few minutes, add a mixture of seasonings (Kejap Manis, soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar, garlic & ginger) with a little water and some slices of green onion and cook until it thickens up.  After plating with the rice, sprinkle over some green onion and sesame seeds.  The cucumber salad is just cucumber, sesame oil, sesame seeds, lime juice, salt & pepper.  It tasted very good but I wish there were some vegetables in the stir fry.  If we noticed there were no vegetables, we would have added at least some carrot that we have in the fridge.







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