Rice in Minestrone


We had no dinner last night, so no blog.  It rained a little yesterday and was a very grey day, it’s grey again today, it’s expected to be this sort of weather for the next few days. The ground of the garden has been looking very dry so the rain is good.

イギリスに来てから野菜不足だと感じています。これまでは平日の夕食はわたしがメニューを決めて作っていたので、ある程度バランスを意識して、週に1日か2日はお野菜ばかりかお野菜中心のメニューにしたり、お肉がメインのときもお野菜をつけるようにしたり。ずっと暑い所に住んでいたので、サラダもたくさん食べてきました。イギリスに来てからは Hello Fresh にオーダーするものを週に3、4食(残り物もあるので、4、5食ですね)食べていますが、お野菜が少ないと感じていますし、これまでならサラダを添えるメニューでもそのまま1品でいただくことが多く、他の日も冷凍しておいて使いやすいソーセージだとか夫が好きなステーキが多くなっています。なので、Hello Fresh のときもお野菜を加えるとか少し工夫しなくてはいけないと感じています。

I feel we haven’t been having enough vegetables since we moved to England. Until then, it was mainly me who decided what to cook for dinner each day and I was always conscious of the balance of what we eat in a week and tried to have one or two days when we have just vegetables or mainly vegetables. When we would have some sort of meat as the main I would try to add enough vegetables to the menu.  We also had salads very often because the climate made you feel like having a cold meal.  However, since we moved to England, we have been having 3 or 4 meals (often more because of the left-overs) from Hello Fresh, and their menus don’t have a lot of vegetables.  Even when the menu is something we would have had salad with before we now don’t because usually we don’t think of it until it’s too late.  On other days we tend to have things like sausages that are easy to use from the freezer or steak that my husband loves.  We should try and add vegetables to the Hello Fresh menus and have more vegetables on other days.


So today’s lunch was Minestrone with rice in – a bit like congee but in a western way.  I made minestrone with onion, celery, carrot, cabbage, potato and tin tomato, added a little miso for added depth of flavour and an egg at the end after cooking some rice in the soup.



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