Peony (Boudoir Peony)

ピオニーがシーズンのうちにと、先日ピオニーを追加オーダーしました。今回は、Bourdoir Peony という濃いボルドー色のピオニー、写真の色よりもずっと濃い色です。花びらも少し変わっていて外側はぐるりと普通のピオニーのような花びらですが、その中は開かず詰まったままの形のようです。ほとんどが蕾の状態なので、咲いてくれると良いのですけど。

As I would like to enjoy peonies while the short season last, I ordered another bunch of peonies the other day, which arrived today.  These are apparently called Bourdoir peonies, very dark Bordeaux colour, much darker than the photos are showing.  The petals look quite different from the most peonies, outside is like other peonies but inside don’t seem to open up and look all the petals bunched together.  Most of them are still in tight buds, I hope they’ll open up.








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